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Oh, where to start?

Well I suppose I should thank TLPoague. (I know I should be able to link to her profile, but I can't figure it out, so if you know how to, let me know how to:) She is my Aunt, I was visiting her for Christmas, and she was telling me all about HubPages. I don't really write short stories or poems, but I wanted to see what HubPages is all about. And if HubPages is really addicting as she says it is, maybe I shouldn't be thanking her! My cousin bmxchick is also on HubPages.

I've had a blog for about eight years. Unfortunately, I can't link you to my earlier (and even recent) blogging because every few months, I seem to delete my blog for some reason or another.

I love to cook. I currently only cook very basic dishes, but I hope to expand my cooking repertoire.

I also am interested in photography. I would like to say that on a scale between amature and professional, I'm closer to the professional side, but my work is more towards the amature side. I really want to get the Canon Rebel EOS t3i. That would be my dream. Ah, I suppose I'll just have to save up for it!

I hope to put up some hubs soon, but until then, check out TLPoague and bmxchick.

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