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This farm boy was born during the dust bowl to a loving Christian family.  At age 20 I married and began teaching. Later I became a bureaucrat in education, health and welfare programs at local, state and federal levels.  The last 20 yrs I sold health plans to small businesses.  Retired still married to same lady.  Still a churchgoer.  Not our progeny.  Time to rethink "what's it all about?" 

I hate being labeled as something I am not.  So this series of Hub Pages is to help me sort things out as well as for my progeny and friends to better understand and not assume.



till a churchgoer  Time to rethink "what it's all about."

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  • Open Carry Guns

    Open Carry Guns

    11 days ago

    What should I do when an individual, not in hunting mode, enters my public space carrying a lethal weapon? Confront them, that is, let them know how it makes me feel or should I run the other way?