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  • Charlemagne in a Nutshell

    Charlemagne in a Nutshell

    8 years ago

    The Franks were a Germanic tribe spread throughout Gaul and central Europe east of the Rhine River. They had converted from the Norse religion to Catholicism and were ruled by the Merovingian Dynasty. When the...

  • Carolingian Art in a Nutshell

    Carolingian Art in a Nutshell

    8 years ago

    Charlemagne's rise to power in the years leading up to his coronation as Holy Roman Emperor in the year 800 gave birth to a renaissance of classical forms in art. Charlemagne was very interested in culture, and in his...

  • Hiberno-Saxon Art in a Nutshell

    Hiberno-Saxon Art in a Nutshell

    8 years ago

    As the tribes of the Migration period settled into stable populations in their new territories and converted to Christianity, they did not adopt the artistic style of the local are but instead applied their own style to...

  • Early Christian Art

    Early Christian Art

    8 years ago

    While Christianity could be argued to have started somewhere between the years 1 and 33 AD, it was not the official religion of the Roman Empire until the Edict of Milan in 313 AD, though by then it had extended...