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I am not a professional writer while searching for articles writing sites I met with HubPages programme. As a new comer I don't have fear as I have met with some great Hubbers that welcome me. So I also welcome you to Join Hub Pages by Click Here and write whatever you want.

I have great interest in Cricket Sports Game so I have write mostly HubPages for the legends of Cricket History who have make place in hearts of many cricket lovers with their amazing records and career.

Hope you will enjoy reading my Hubs and I welcome you to HubPages.

Beside this I work as online earner and most of my Hubs are related to online earning. You can join me also email me if you are intereste to have a handsome online earning.

I have one other blog which is for Burn Patients , their pain will never feel by us as it is not our pain. Just check it

Burns Injuries , Treatment and Recovery

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      • Needs Revision

        Needs Revision

        5 years ago

        Hi to All I need Help , I am one year old member and all my HUBS are okay with one year and now when I see they are under revision why this for ? I have only add one hub in six months and all my HUBS are old HUBS.Now...

      • Payment Option for Pakistan

        Payment Option for Pakistan

        5 years ago

        Hey Sorry If someone have asked this question before.I am from Pakistan and here PayPal is not listed as payment processor in our country.So Hubpages used PayPal as option with Hub Ad Programme.What about Us who are...

      • Scared about Earning

        Scared about Earning

        5 years ago

        Hello I am new to HubPages and I don't have much visitors to my Hubs and my earning is very low but today when I open my Adsense account and I check the Hubpages there are 3 clicks today and views are very less.Now I am...

      • Help about Hub Ad programme

        Help about Hub Ad programme

        6 years ago

        I am one month older in Hub Pages. I have not much information about Hub Ad programme I fill the two requirements , but 3rd requirement is PayPal. I live in Pakistan and Pakistan not supports PayPal.So my cousin is in...

      • Missing Word

        Missing Word

        5 years ago

        Hi I don't know whether this game has already been posted or not If posted I will delete this thread.How to Play ?I will write one word having some characters missing next poster have to complete the missing character...

      • Help Me in Adding Video

        Help Me in Adding Video

        6 years ago

        I am writing one Hub and I want to add videos in it. Now I have youtube video links also.But the problem is that when I add Capsule of video it is either add up , bottom or side corner but I want to add where I wish.So...

      • I am Going In

        I am Going In

        6 years ago

        Wow Yesterday was my great dayI earn .01$ cent from my Hubs. Yes I know this is nothing but this is start of my account.I am sure one day this .01 will convert in 100.01$I am happy on my first cent it motivates me to...

      • Last Message

        Last Message

        6 years ago

        Suppose Its my Last Day of my Life and I am your FriendI will die in few minutes and My Mobile Phone is in my Hand What message you will send me last time ?Let's start

      • Help


        6 years ago

        I am new to HubPages. I have write yet only 6 Hubs , Today I am searching my hubs in google rankings.I am very happy that I have one hub at second page of Google. But my other one Hub is not I seen in Google Though I...

      • Any Hubber from Green Country Pakistan

        Any Hubber from Green Country Pakistan

        6 years ago

        Is there any hubber from Pakistan I really have urge to meet to one of my country hubber.If there is show a green signal here....waiting

      • Rate The Picture Above You

        Rate The Picture Above You

        6 years ago

        Hi Let's make a fun game. How you rate my profile picture.I give 10/10 to my own profile picture hehe...And You ?Let's Start.....