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  • Hungarian Soups Recipes

    Hungarian Soups Recipes

    10 months ago

    There are few old Hungarian soup recipes and if i love to cook any soup, these are my favorites. Don't be afraid, just try some...

  • Best Spare Ribs recipes

    Best Spare Ribs recipes

    2 years ago

    I love spare ribs and i did not meet a person who is not on my side on this opinion. The nice spare rib unfortunately require a lot of work, but is worth it. However, there are many easy recipes...

  • Authentic Hungarian goulash (gulyas) recipe

    Authentic Hungarian goulash (gulyas) recipe

    10 months ago

    I am giving up my goulash recipe, the one which is supposedly the original one, made by the Hungarian cowboys ( gulyasok) even 100 years ago, every time when they got cattle injured.

  • Cherry rhubarb jam recipe

    Cherry rhubarb jam recipe

    10 months ago

    Homemade jams are better than what you get in the shops...i know, you agree but you think it is too much work. Well, first, you do not have to make a lot at once... and read here how to make it easily

  • Quail birds - hobby, income, remedy...

    Quail birds - hobby, income, remedy...

    2 years ago

    Some facts about quails from my experience, as i always keep some of these lovely birds, mostly for their eggs.