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Retired Jamaican teacher of Home Economics. and sometimes Reading to slow learners. Vice principal of  a primary and Junior High school in Sandy Bay Jamaica .Located on the way from the Sangster's International airport and the famous  tourist resort Negril.Prime Minister Award recipeient  in Education June 2015

Life style counselor and educator.CEO.Jicm.Wellnes Center Sandy Bay, Hanover Jamaica

Teacher Certificate -Primary EducationDiploma-Technical education-Home Economics,Bachelors  of Arts- Sociology and Applied Social Relationship.Natural Health Certificate. 

Author of two  published anthologies of poems  Journey to Enlightenment-Seasons  and Journey to Enlightenment-revealed .Poet of merit award 2005.I also publish under the pen name Soy Criada  .I do not like writing long articles that is why I go for poetry.It is a powerful style of writing and covers a number of sentences ,thoughts and ideas in a few lines.

Jamaica is a beautiful country you can also keep Jamaica in your hearts when you wear  and display a souvenir from Jamaica

Hubpages is a wonderful  experience. I have learned  so much  here.  I spend  time reading other peoples' hubs that I sometimes forget to write , link  and vote. I found  out about hub pages from a forum. I have invested quality time building my site that cost me  an arm and a leg when all I really needed was to be a part of hubpages.However I have learnt a lot of things about site building from sitesell .

 I would encourage you  if you are planning to get your own domain name and open your own site I that you read this article first   There is so must to learn if you are trying to start up a lucrative Internet business

I also write articles for other places  You may read some of my other works  at Trion  If one of the reasons you are at hubpages is to make money then this links is a great to make some follow them and become a free member.

How abour reading my  love poems you could have a unique experience into Jamaica Love

 The hubs that I write are aimed at passing on information which I find interesting. They may span health issues, spirituality and cultural diversity. Some may conflict with my religious beliefs but it does not prevent me from writing about them once I find the information interesting. Follow my twitter here

Individuals who read them can make rational inform decisions on what to believe or not to believe .I have written a few hubs on Native American animal medicine cards. Some religions may regard it a divination but when examined carefully it may be seen as just a system of becoming aware of the world around us and how closely man is linked  to it through the animals.

Here are the hubs



Meaning Animal medicine  Cards 05

Meaning   Animal medicine  Cards o4

Meaning of animal medicine cards 3


Meaning-of-the-animal-cards 1





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