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Hi everyone :) I want you to know why Barbados is so special to me and why you should come and experience it for yourself. My first lens is all about that but, I will also go on to tell you about my parents' birth place; the equally interesting St Vincent and the totally awesome Grenadines! After that, I want to share my interests which, for obvious reasons, coincide with my 12 & 14 year old daughters' many "obsessions" and hobbies. I hope you enjoy every minute you spend with me!!

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  • Yummy Grill Pan Burgers

    Yummy Grill Pan Burgers

    12 months ago

    If you love burgers like I do, you have to try this amazing grill pan which makes awesome burgers in a snap, and the cleanup afterwards is nice and easy too.

  • Happy National Waffle Day

    Happy National Waffle Day

    4 hours ago

    Apparently National Waffle Day is celebrated on my birthday, who knew?! I love waffles, so here's my tribute to waffles and waffle cones, and all of the wonderful things I enjoy eating with them!

  • Dining in Barbados

    Dining in Barbados

    3 months ago

    Dining out in Barbados is a treat with so many different restaurants to choose from and while you're on holiday, it is certainly worth the effort to sample the whole range of options.

  • Visiting St. Vincent & the Grenadines

    Visiting St. Vincent & the Grenadines

    3 months ago

    Exploring St Vincent and The Grenadines is a totally unique experience. I'm sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of culture and places to see among these beautiful islands

  • Visiting Barbados

    Visiting Barbados

    12 months ago

    Barbados has a few surprises for you: apart from a delightful submarine tour there is an active polo and horse racing season. Its nightlife and range of dining options won't disappoint you either.