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Karen is a writer living in the Midwest. She has finished three co-authored novels and is working on another. Her interests are family, reading, writing, politics, fishing and travel.

Her writing can be viewed on Associated Content, Adventures for the Average Woman, Foliate Oak Literary Journal and Ehow.

Her first book, a novel for young readers, is now available: James Willis Makes a Million. She has a website based on that book.

Also, she and her co-writer PJ Hawkinson have a website and blog. Visitors welcome! They also have a reader/author site: Find A Good Book To Read. Their first novel, Betrayed, has now been released. They have also published Catch Her in the Rye and Blue by Wodke Hawkinson, both collections of short stories. For those who do not have a Kindle, the books are also available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and in paperback. Upcoming releases include a sci-fi book entitled Tangerine and their 3rd collection of short stories entitled Alone. For more information on the writing of Wodke Hawkinson, please visit their books page.

For fellow catfishing fans, check out the Catfish Training. com website and forum.

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