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Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. In fact, we are flying through space on this globe. We are earth riders.

Writing catches life so we can see what passes by so quckly and what changes before our very eyes on a constant level ... although, sometimes it doesn't seem that way.

And sometimes it isn't that way.

Painting catches what is still about life: a moment in time. I love painting, designing, art in general.

My hubs reveal what I have caught in life, whether still or moving.

They are my literary paintings caught here on Hub Pages, my virtual matrix. 

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  • Shhh… Baby Under Construction

    Shhh… Baby Under Construction

    7 days ago

    It is important to allow the child to develop as nature and his own personality mandates. We do not know him. He comes with his own consciousness and inclinations. We need to be keenly observant.

  • Preparing to See 3D on a 2D Matrix

    Preparing to See 3D on a 2D Matrix

    9 months ago

    Your mission is to reveal the depth of space, the beauty of color, the mystery of shadow and the joy of light. But first ...

  • How to Avoid Spoiling Your Child

    How to Avoid Spoiling Your Child

    7 months ago

    A child is a creature who comes to earth and is so helpless and needy, but his destiny is to become the most magnificent of all Gods creations: A human being!

  • The Important Role of Jurors

    The Important Role of Jurors

    7 months ago

    After a discussion in the forums regarding judicial competence I was able to gather up some info and come to the following conclusions.

  • FYI for New Fathers

    FYI for New Fathers

    11 months ago

    Today more and more fathers are taking care of infants and toddlers. Babyhood is a crucial period of physical and mental development. Here is an article for today's new fathers.

  • Welcome to the Human Race

    Welcome to the Human Race

    9 months ago

    Just don't forget people need help. People need the trash taken out and your room cleaned and some help in the kitchen. People in your neighborhood need your smiling face to say hello and bring soup when they're sick....

  • Suzette Goes to New York

    Suzette Goes to New York

    7 months ago

    Suzette Pickens and her mother, Marjorie, had a history of wild living. Find out how Suzette finally moved on with her own life and success.

  • New Direction Education

    New Direction Education

    8 months ago

    Envision a school where students are given freedom within boundaries. The boundaries help students stay on paths of true learning and accomplishment.

  • Outer Space and Us

    Outer Space and Us

    9 months ago

    The night sky reveals a true wonder. Stars shine and twinkle from light years away. What are these sources of light?

  • Psyche-cise!


    7 weeks ago

    Psyche-cising is a way for children, youth, adults and seniors to stay in touch with the source of mental stability within them. Psyche-cising increases the strength of their psyches and promotes robust mental health by...

  • A Nation of Lazy Lions?

    A Nation of Lazy Lions?

    7 weeks ago

    Consider the lion in the zoo. He is not free, he is not independent, he is not happy. You will see him lolling about, yawning. He has nothing to hunt, and not even a need to.

  • Hopes, Dreams and Ambitions

    Hopes, Dreams and Ambitions

    13 months ago

    Dear Reader, I have some questions for you: What are your hopes, dreams and ambitions? And what are your passions and desires? Are you so caught up in the pursuit of survival and shaking the money tree that you have...

  • Basic Design Principles

    Basic Design Principles

    8 months ago

    The knowledge of basic guidelines in composing a painting, illustration, or graphic artwork is essential in producing quality artwork. The rectangular matrix is an artist's playground to reveal creative images and...

  • Food Combining

    Food Combining

    2 weeks ago

    The following guidelines will help attain and maintain a disease free, youthful and energetic body. They are based on the research of of Michio Kuchi, who stressed the importance of balancing yin and yang foods, and Dr....

  • Early Water Experience for Toddlers

    Early Water Experience for Toddlers

    5 weeks ago

    The best time to teach children to swim is before they are 6 years old. The skills they acquire during this period become second nature. Children who learn to swim before age 6, are more fluid.

  • Aquatics for Adults

    Aquatics for Adults

    12 months ago

    Swimming is an important skill for anyone. The best time to learn to swim is during childhood. Some adults missed this opportunity, yet would still like to learn. It is never too late to learn to swim. In fact an adult...

  • Every Couple a Happy Couple!

    Every Couple a Happy Couple!

    7 weeks ago

    "Every Couple a Happy Couple!" Why Not? Come on in for couple's therapy! Dr. Joy Smothers will schedule you in for Tuesday at Ten AM, sharp!"

  • Your Life is Up to You

    Your Life is Up to You

    9 months ago

    We must be careful to keep alive the inner capacity to be stimulated by the goodness of life. Remember, interests come from within and seem to come from somewhere beyond mere survival needs. Jobs and careers equal...

  • Life Costs Money: Lots

    Life Costs Money: Lots

    9 months ago

    The United States of America is considered the "Land of the Free," but freedom is expensive. Consider what it costs to live in America: Cell phone, internet,TV, and cable bills, health and car insurance bills,...

  • A Revolution in Painting, Yesterday.

    A Revolution in Painting, Yesterday.

    7 months ago

    It is important to understand how today's art world came into existence. Imagine a world in which art is defined by rigid doctrines set forth by a single agency. Consider the monopolizing effect this agency would exert...

  • Setting Boundaries for Children

    Setting Boundaries for Children

    8 months ago

    Boundaries are based on a child's needs. By setting appropriate boundaries, adults in charge guide their children toward becoming a healthy, happy and functional person.

  • Nature's Plan for Children

    Nature's Plan for Children

    7 months ago

    It is nature within the child causes him to absorb, accept and adapt to any environment he lives in. The first six years are important because what he absorbs will be indelible.