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I hesitated to join Hubpages for months, because I felt that my writing skills were not strong enough for public display although I have done so in the past.  I started once and wrote I believe one paragraph and stopped after reading another Hub which was rich and indept and made me cringe inside.  I eventually gave in again, because here I am to share my life with you through this short bio and through the walls of Hubpages, perfecting my writing gift.  The Hubpage family is warm and receptive and even if you do suck at writing, they are supportive and affirming in which I am appreciative.

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where I also raised four beautiful children.  My husband died after eight and a half years of marriage which left me to raise my children as a single parent.  I have two beautiful grandchildren who I love dearly. I also have one beautiful daughter-in-law. I write poetry, poetic songs, children's books in which I authored and illustrated two.  I like to sing, dance, arts and crafts, travel, sports, movie going and all sorts of fun stuff.  I worked with preschoolers for over fifteen years.  Those were some of the most enjoyable times of my work history.  Working with children gives you the opportunity to live out the hidden child inside who loves a good story, a good snack, free play and fun field trips.

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    My Father, the man of my life who showed me what real Fathers do. He was the provider for us, a visible part of our family's life and showed us the many facets of life .

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    Women's History has been one of many challenges, stemming from governmental issues to human rights, equal opportunities and a right to voice on important agendas. We now represent worldwide agendas.