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Change is the only constant I always say. :) If we can't go with the flow we will drown. I've been sent on the "sink or swim" path more than once in my life and probably am not yet done with it. Thank goodness I keep swimming.

Writing has helped me understand some of my issues with life. Understanding that is not easy to come by...LIfe goes on and we need to try to also.

But, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...and pain is only weakness leaving your body. I will continue to grow and become who I am meant to be. Life is to be lived daily.

As quantum science tells a story of how we are all one, I feel glad to see my feelings proven. I have felt this in my heart all of my life. We are all connected.

Love yourself and love each other. It may not make you much money, but it will keep you honest. Treat others with respect and civility. Surround yourself with good people who love you. These are the keys to the "good life".

I was an operating room nurse. A job, a profession...it kept me thinking on my feet and able to focus and prioritize. It may not be the job for every one, but it kept me from being bored. To say it's a dynamic atmosphere would be an understatement. Maybe more like dynamite at times...

If you are searching for a way to communicate, honestly and respectfully, join HubPages. If you would like to meet new friends from countries all over the world, join HubPages. Join this global community and learn.

Stay a while...read a bit...relax and smell the roses. We only get one time around this ride, so enjoy it and make it count!

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