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Lover of life. Juicy, Playful, Passionate, inspirational writer and speaker. Creator of Kelly Martin Speaks Blog and speaker at KellyMartinSpeaks Channel. I love nature, I love walking, I love photography, I love food, I love coffee shops. I love exploring my world (inner and outer). I currently live in the UK. I am a lover of travelling, sunshine, lizards and most animals and creatures. Love buttercream, butter, chocolate fudge brownies, ice cream. I love eating!

All sensuous pleasures.
I love kissing, love cuddling.....
I am straight talking, honest and authentic.
I am creative, artistic and living an unfolding life.
I embrace the unknown and encourage being present with life. Currently I am learning to paint again, draw again and play again for the first time in nearly two decades. Go me! With writing a squidoo I am using this place as a playground. I am going to write about anything I love and anything I want to know more about. I have an interest in Shamanism and many different spiritual topics. I feel this world is far vaster and bigger than any of us can imagine. To me the entire universe is within each and everyone of us and life reflects what we feel inside. I feel if anyone wants to learn more about life they may like to get closer to the natural world. The natural world has much to teach us, in its natural state it reflects to us our authentic nature, our serenity, our peace and our naturally unfolding ways. Nature does not rush through the day. Nature simply is, in the now. Much of which we can learn too. If you are facebook fan I now have my own facebook fan page where everything I do comes together in one place:

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