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Ayurveda, India’s therapeutic gift to Mankind is a 5000 year`s old Life Science, a system that is not manmade.According to legend , Brahma, the almighty creator  conceived the science of Ayurveda from  memories of his previous births.

            In the glorious days when India was the ultimate destination of all those                                                who sought knowledge and enlightenment scores of scholars and experts came to the                         country. Having realized the great efficacious results of Ayurveda, these people became instrumental in spreading this science the world over. Other systems of medicine  in lands far and near, borrowed ideas from Ayurveda and in this way  flourished.

            In the era of modern medicine, where the human body is divided into water-                                     tight compartments and treated for ailments, Ayurveda, as a unique life science                                                    that views the human body, mind and soul as indivisible segments of man`s total                              personality and defines his relationship with nature, continues to occupy an unequalled position .

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  • History of Ayurveda - Origin

    History of Ayurveda - Origin

    3 years ago

    VEDAS were the first ever written knowledge in the World. It was in 3000BC, in the vedas Rig, Yajur, Sama and Adharva. Adharva is considered as the mother of Ayurveda.