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Thomas H. Ward, MBA, has written two books "Small Business Accounting Tools" and "Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections", at smallbusinessaccountingtools.com and www.lettersofcreditguidebook.com based on his 30 years experience. He has also published many articles on business go to :http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/866230/thomas_h_ward.html
Owner/CEO/ President '" KIA, Inc. '" A technical materials distribution company to the electronics industry. 1986 to present. Now writing about my true stories of 20 years travel to the Far East under the title of "American Gaijin" on Assoicated Content.
Retired in 2009 and started new company Kemco LLC, now a part time consultant for startup companies. 

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    Letter of Credit Assignment of Proceeds

    6 years ago

      Letter of Credit Assignment of Proceeds by Thomas H. Ward, MBA Reading this article will make you a semi expert on the subject. For more information you can see my book Letters of Credit and Documentary...