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I am a 33 years old female living in the United Kingdom. My dream is to one day publish my own book and be a full time writer doing my own writing. I currently work as a freelance writer, i.e. I write for other people. In addition, I also do a lot of volunteering with organic farms and animal sanctuaries.

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  • Kenny Wizz

    Kenny Wizz

    6 weeks ago

    The shortest answer one could give to this question is: Kenny Wizz is a Michael Jackson tribute artist. But this short answer certainly would not do him justice. This is why I dedicate this lens to Kenny Wizz and what...

  • Remembering Michael Jackson

    Remembering Michael Jackson

    6 weeks ago

    June 25th, 2011 marks the two year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. Millions of fans will spend that day remembering Michael Jackson, his music, his moves and his words. Some fans will have the chance to go to LA...

  • The Wisdom of Birds - what we can learn from them

    The Wisdom of Birds - what we can learn from them

    6 weeks ago

    Birds are more than just pretty objects in trees and in the sky. When we observe them and their behaviour closer, we can learn one or the other thing from them.

  • The six stages of listening

    The six stages of listening

    5 years ago

    Every day we hear many sounds. But do we really listen to all of them? No. There is a big difference between just hearing something and really listening. In this lens, I will introduce the six different stages of...

  • Inspirational quotes from Michael Jackson

    Inspirational quotes from Michael Jackson

    6 weeks ago

    Most people know Michael Jackson for his music and his excellent music videos and performances. However, the man also wrote stories, poems and whole books.