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Hey everyone! John McAdoo here, I am a 22 year old guy from America. I am slowly making my transition to making a profitable online income. I love Squidoo and the community along with it. Join me on Google Plus! Join Best Reviewer

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  • Do Plants Clean the Air?

    Do Plants Clean the Air?

    3 weeks ago

    A lot of people may not know it but our leafy green friends do a lot more work than we think! Trees and plants work hard to clean the air that we breathe. Clean air is a top priority for many people but we produce more...

  • How to Pollinate Your Own Plants!

    How to Pollinate Your Own Plants!

    7 months ago

    I live in a suburban part of town and bees are hard to come by! Here's how I pollinate my own plants, since there aren't any bees to do it for me.