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I am a Physicians Assistant with a Masters degree, specializing in Orthopedics, Pain Managment, Occupational Medicine, Worker's Compensation, Peer review, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Spinal Surgery.  I currently work from home in a non-clinical position completing peer reviews for a company based out of Los Angeles, CA.  I have the unique opportunity of being paid a salary to work from home full time for this company and have been doing so for the last 9 years.  

I also am a mother of 2 young daughters. Working from home provides me with the opportunity to spend more time with my daughters and allows me to be more of a family mom.  Previous to working from home, I was running a weight loss clinic for 2 years, often times leaving the home for 10 or 11 hours per day only to return home and continue my work on the computer for the company for which I am currently working full time from home.  After the birth of my second child, I decided that it was more important for me to raise my children and nurture my family, so I accepted a salary offer to do this work from home full time.  I miss the clinical world and will likely venture back out into the "real world" after my daughter's are a little bit older.  

In the meantime, I spend 8-10 hours a day on the computer, both doing my salary job and seeking out new ways to make money online.  I have been researching options, educating myself, talking to people and trying to find an avenue that suits me.  It's a labor of love.  My passion is writing and I am always looking for an opportunity to be creative, and being in the medical field doesn't allow much creativity.  However, by completing peer reviews, I am able to utilize my writing skiils and my medical knowledge and it all seems to be pretty fantastic for the time being.   I have always aspired to more than I will probably ever accomplish.  I'm not satisfied with the status quo, and I always feel as if I am on the edge of a breakthrough.  

With Hubpages.com, my goal is to create informational, interesting and helpful resources, and to indulge in a community of like-wise individuals, make good connections and learn from my experience.   

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