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  • Promises and Pledges

    Promises and Pledges

    4 weeks ago

    In a world of possible betrayals and untrustworthy persons, it means a lot to want to make a difference in a person's life.. But can they have your word for it??

  • Genie of My Thoughts

    Genie of My Thoughts

    4 weeks ago

    Love is a whole lot of things and has the potential of bringing so many memories, good and bad but we don't have to be scared to step into it.. Else, how well can we say we lived..?

  • Do Not Lose Hope

    Do Not Lose Hope

    4 weeks ago

    Being in a point of life that feel like all odds are against you and there is no way out, and happiness seems far from you, in a relationship, in building your personal life or even on a life goal.

  • A Letter To Never Be Seen

    A Letter To Never Be Seen

    2 months ago

    So it is that falling in love with someone who can never love you in return is one of the most painful things in life. Yet still knowing they love someone else who won't treat them well is torment..

  • Battling For A Just Cause

    Battling For A Just Cause

    2 months ago

    When you been back and forth so many times in a relationship where it seems to never work out, your prayer topic begins to change for a better path..

  • Fortunate Days

    Fortunate Days

    4 weeks ago

    The badder the days, the more the glory in the better ones..happy are the days even yet come

  • Tears In My Eyes

    Tears In My Eyes

    2 months ago

    saddened by the worst possible scenarios of the future (time)

  • Emotional Madness

    Emotional Madness

    4 weeks ago

    Emotional turmoil is no fun for when you are trying hard to achieve something or make it work for you to achieve success

  • A life better Living

    A life better Living

    4 weeks ago

    Don't we all wish we could make a difference with our life and in this world ..??

  • proper daily life

    proper daily life

    4 weeks ago

    simply tells of how to get along with others and feel good about it too