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  • A Letter To Never Be Seen

    A Letter To Never Be Seen

    5 weeks ago

    So it is that falling in love with someone who can never love you in return is one of the most painful things in life. Yet still knowing they love someone else who won't treat them well is torment..

  • Battling For A Just Cause

    Battling For A Just Cause

    5 weeks ago

    When you been back and forth so many times in a relationship where it seems to never work out, your prayer topic begins to change for a better path..

  • A Real Good Friend

    A Real Good Friend

    5 months ago

    if you wanted an assurance of someone being your best friend, this is it, a nice way to tell it to them

  • Tears In My Eyes

    Tears In My Eyes

    5 weeks ago

    saddened by the worst possible scenarios of the future (time)