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 With many years of practical experience behind me, I've formed many opinions and conclusions. I regard mysel as a moderate  with little patience, nor regard for hardliners from the extreme right or left, the Tea party and Conservative Christians, especially those with wild creation beliefs. NRA extemists like Ted Nugent have no  place at my table, as i prefer not to serve road kill to my guests

I am a seasoned veteran with many life experiences to share. My wife thinks I may be a bit over seasoned, but I enjoy writing and can usually a fill a page with interesting material.  I am a free lance writer with over 2,500 articles under  my belt. Hub Pages allows me a platform my opinions and a platform for articles relating to being handicapped and elderly, two positions i am very familiar with. I hope you get some enjoyment from my posts. I do every so often.

 If you don't, it's OK. If you would like more information about me, check with the FBI and CIA. They have my file,

If you don't find me on Hub pages, I may have departed this earth. 

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