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Something happened and one fine day words poured into my mind, I took my pen and my journey as a writer started. Writing is neither my passion nor my love. It is me, my feelings, my emotions. I wasn't born with it but would definitely die with it. 

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  • Leaf


    15 months ago

    Falling from the tree and flying with the cool breeze is all I wanted to do. Flying across the picturesque grasslands and over the azure sky. Falling and then flying again. Colliding and then again flying. ...

  • Never let you go...

    Never let you go...

    16 months ago

    It's the fear to lose what I have already lost. It's the love that I want, every day and every night, just before I close my eyes and open it back again! I want you in me; in the breaths I take, in the blinks I...

  • Just Another Independence Day

    Just Another Independence Day

    19 months ago

    Today as any other day of the month, I went to my office. As soon as I entered the office premises, a guard standing on the gate gave me a national flag lapel pin. I just took it and then moved towards the building. I...

  • The Guiding Light

    The Guiding Light

    19 months ago

    My mind is like a turbulent ocean, My body is trapped in its ferocious waves, My soul is like the guiding light amidst the storm and thundering rage. I fear the loss, loss which is irreparable, I try not to...

  • So what??

    So what??

    20 months ago

    Happy was I when I got married to him, I remember the day when we took our vows, The new life was too appealing. So what if my dreams are shattered? So what if I married a monster? I still have the courage to...

  • My Tribute to the legendary artist Kurt Cobain

    My Tribute to the legendary artist Kurt Cobain

    21 months ago

    You may have left us years ago but you still dwell in the hearts of million and will live there forever. RIP Kurt Cobain

  • Some Regrets I had

    Some Regrets I had

    21 months ago

    When I was a child, I played with her, I slept in her lap, as I grew up we rarely met with each other. She was calling me but I couldn’t come there. She was waiting for me all day long but I couldn’t reach there....

  • When I was  kid

    When I was kid

    21 months ago

    When I was a kid my grandpa narrated long stories to me with the moral that one should never give up but now when I am following it he says I am too stubborn to listen. When I was a kid my grandma taught me that...

  • This World

    This World

    21 months ago

    Make your weakness your strength This world will respect you. Make your deeds the milestone, This world will follow you. Make your mind an ocean This world will need you. Make your words so alive, This world will...

  • You and your Fate

    You and your Fate

    21 months ago

    You know how far you’ve to go You know how far you’ve been. Then who knows everything you or your fate? You are the nature’s most intelligent creation You’ve all the powers too. So why do you owe your...

  • A Friend

    A Friend

    21 months ago

    ‘Friend’ a word full of complication yet simple Full of confusion yet clear, Full of embarrassments yet a thing to be proud of. It is priceless yet you have to pay for it, It is matchless yet you get a match...

  • Being a Soul

    Being a Soul

    21 months ago

    I wondered all day and night, I found nothing alright. People talked about heaven and hell, This made me feel really unwell. My parents were crying beside my corpse, And my eyes were all in drops. I asked...

  • The Star

    The Star

    21 months ago

    I see that star wherever I go, I see it when the moon lights up and the sun is low. I travel, I work, I sleep or I eat, The star is always there with me. Up above the azure sky, I can see him only when the sun...

  • The Holy Water

    The Holy Water

    22 months ago

    The shadow of the astronomical mountains covering the river in conjunction with the golden sun rays falling on the river bed elevates the splendour of the place. My life resembles this pious river. At some point it is...

  • The Sapphire Sea

    The Sapphire Sea

    24 months ago

    Light winds blowing on my face, making my hair wave rhythmically. I am with my dad, happy and contented on a boat. The placid sea makes me feel more tranquil inside. The blue water is shining so brightly in the sun. The...

  • What is the root cause of Rapes?

    What is the root cause of Rapes?

    24 months ago

    these days rapes in India, especially in NCR are rampant. I am also sharing my experience of 4 years spent in this region.