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My name is Kristi Fleming and I am thirty years old.  I am married to my best friend, Marquis.  We are Christian and both love teaching kids and teens about God's love.  I am more geared toward teaching kids. That is why my hub is about lessons for kids.  I have created my lessons for several years now and I love it.  It not only helps me to teach kids in new ways but I also learn alot as I prepare.  I am going to start posting my lessons here and will add more as I have the time.  I pray that they will help you with your Bible classes.  If you use these ideas please let me know how it goes.  Thanks and God bless.

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  • Teaching kids to praise the Lord

    Teaching kids to praise the Lord

    3 years ago

    We played a game i dubbed "Freeze Praise Dance" The kids had a good time and actually sang along to the songs. It was great! Kids working hard to create their very own praise flags. They really got into...