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  • Seven Signs That Someone Is Into You

    Seven Signs That Someone Is Into You

    2 years ago

    Seven Signs Someone Is Into You. Their is nothing better then meeting someone and having those magical feelings of specialness floating around in your belly! You question yourself over and over again if they too have...

  • How To Tell When Your Teen Is In Trouble

    How To Tell When Your Teen Is In Trouble

    2 years ago

    Personality characteristics that are commonly found among young people who engage in criminal offenses. Becoming aware, intervening, and preventing criminal behaviors.

  • Part 1: Hired Gun Pro

    Part 1: Hired Gun Pro

    5 years ago

    Hired Gun Pro (Part 1) It was another day at the detention center.  I was walking towards the 15-16 year old unit to get a frequent flyer.  When I say frequent flyer, I mean a kid who had been in and out...

  • Lessons in Love for the Insecure Women.

    Lessons in Love for the Insecure Women.

    5 years ago

    Every woman is insecure in some way. That's because no one is perfect. Being insecure when it comes to relationships can disrupt the closeness and intimacy you long for. Our insecurities can leak into the relationship...

  • A Real Toast to Kanye Omari West

    A Real Toast to Kanye Omari West

    6 years ago

    A Real Toast to Kanye West I've never met you, but from this far I can see you. And it's more than what I would see in person. I see your soul through music. I hear what you are saying. You said that you are human,...

  • The SSK or Silent Serial Killer

    The SSK or Silent Serial Killer

    6 years ago

    This one is so cunning in his ways.  He speaks quietly just to you, whispering in your ear, so others don’t interfere or mess up his plans.  He befriends you, gaining all of your trust.  He has no...

  • The Mighty Tongue

    The Mighty Tongue

    6 years ago

    Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. James 3:5 What comes to mind for me when I read this was hearing this story: A...

  • Follow God

    Follow God

    6 years ago

    Man, this is so hard to do!  Following God is the most difficult task at hand for me, but one that is the most rewarding.  It reminds me of Peter, as he saw Jesus standing in the ocean, walking towards the...

  • Being Exposed

    Being Exposed

    5 years ago

      Just the word alone could make someone feel vulnerable, and open.  What comes to mind is when Adam and Eve ate the apple in the garden and when God came walking through they hid, because they were...

  • The Boring Cycle of Life

    The Boring Cycle of Life

    6 years ago

    I guess I’m just like everyone else.  I wake up, I go to work, I go home, and I take care of my kids, and start the same cycle over again.  Every day I’m kind of hoping for a miracle to happen, or...

  • If Everyone Thought Like Me

    If Everyone Thought Like Me

    6 years ago

    If everyone thought like me people would be appreciated and accepted for who they are. Accepted even if they are a grouch, or mean, or not as smart, or not as pretty, and seriously not skinny, that’s what makes up...

  • Howeveryoneshouldfeel


    6 years ago

    Why does it cost for knowledge? Why can’t the payment be hard work, dedication, motivation, and the use of the skills learned? Why does our society promote money and not the value of life? Is life not as valuable...