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So I thought it was about time I rewrote my profile.  This seems like the perfect place to mention my blogs, because I've noticed that my profile is viewed every now and again.  And I've been thinking that my blogs needed a bit of attention, since not even my family read them these days (they hear enough of my voice in real life, I suppose, that they don't want to hear it in their own heads as they read as well - who can blame them, eh?  I do waffle on).

So, aside from hubs, I also write these blogs:

This Little Life is a journal sort of blog, where I occasionally remember to write about whatever's on my mind at the time of writing.  

Whither Shall We Wander? is a blog about walking.  But it only has one entry, and is likely to only have one entry for a good while longer.  I'm a bit busy cycling at the moment to do any walking, but since I live near the Lake District I think it's only right that some time soon I start dragging my children up some hills and round some tarns.  The one entry that is here is about my first attempt in several years at a walk up a hill.

From Austen to Woolf is a blog about books.  It's about me attempting to become well-read.  In it you will read about my reading failures, mostly.  

And finally, and not leastly, there is Hell, yeah!, my cycling blog.  This is a joint project, written with my brother, who is my cycling trainer.  Here, in this new blog, you will read about our very difficult and demanding and challanging journey as we struggle and strive to become fit enough to undertake a huge two-day cycle that not many people in the world have done.  Will we make it?  I really don't know.

So there are my blogs, and that's everything in the world that I have written for internettual publication, right here at your fingertips.  It's my soul, but you can look at it if you like.  Just be sure to put it back just as you found it.

Good journey.


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