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Hi there,

I use laptop daily at work and have used more than 10 laptops. In 2009, my laptop at work had no sound from its built-in speakers. A technician came to my desk to fix it. I saw the whole process from taking the laptop apart, replacing faulty component and assembling the laptop back into one piece by simple tool. The process was very similar to my summer job for 2 years in a factory where I learned how to assemble 110 cameras and the skills to handle tiny parts.

Laptops have been serving me well. My job is testing software that does not include fixing. I like laptops and therefore started my hobby in mid 2009 to pick up dead laptops for me to test as well as fix. Each dead laptop is unique in its problems which provides me the interest on testing and fixing.

For each laptop, I clean them up first, both outside and inside, test, identify and buy parts fixing the problems, wipe out the hard drive data for any personal data, install genuine operating system that comes with the laptop COA at the bottom and latest drivers. I then test it for weeks before selling at cost for finding a new home for it.

When doing it, I encounter various kind of people. Most are good. They are selling good things. If there is any problem, they are willing to refund. Around 5% are bad. hey are selling bad parts as good parts or laptops full of dead parts and claimed just dead. When I find it out, I will contact them. So far, they do not reply or tells any lies that they do not have cash to refund.  

Fixing laptop as a hobby can be started with simple tool. Initially, I just used a set of screw drivers, plus the patience to open, test, identify and replace the faulty parts. With more experience, I spent a hundred dollars for a hot air rework station in mid 2010 to reflow GPU and to replace IC chips.

If you are interested on fixing laptop, these stories can help you to start. It will save you money from buying new laptop if the current one is still meeting your needs. Also, it is good to environment for laptop to go through the REPAIR, REUSE and RECYCLE. My suggestion is not to force open the laptop. I have seen a lot of broken parts or cracks due to using too much force.

As testing practitioner, I value quality and thank for the feedbacks to the laptops out from shelter in


In 2015, my wife passed away. It put a stop on my laptop repair hobby. I recycled my laptops and parts except 5 laptops which have been completed. With God's mercy, all 5 laptops have new users. The last one was picked up by a nice guy Thomas on June 17, 2016.


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