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This Hub is going to be unique in its ownself. We hope we are a one of a kind.....  What makes this Hub unique?  Well it will be written by two writers.  Me of course; I'm just over a year old and walk on four legs. I am a Min Pin named Leah Kay.  The other writer will be my mom, Sharon.  She will be writing Hubs on being a full-time RV'er and workcamping plus a few other "stuff" on life in general.  While I will be letting you know what it's like to be a pet and living on the road. 

 Now mind you, you must use a little immagination when it comes to any hubs I write.  No, I really cannot type on a comupter, however I'm most generally sleeping on my mom's lap while she is on the computer or I'm licking her fingers (and maybe punching a key or two) or maybe licking her face (I'm actually trying to give her ideas on what to write).

We hope you enjoy all of upcoming hubs! 

Happy Hubs!

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