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Captain John Jamieson is a nationally certified sailing instructor, published author, writer, licensed captain for sail and power, and a former instructor, search and rescue coxswain, and ship driver for the US Coast Guard.

He recently directed the seamanship and chart navigation departments at the acclaimed Charles F. Chapman School of Seamanship in Florida. There he taught on a fleet of over 14 sail and power vessels.

He is the author of "Seamanship Secrets", from International Marine / McGraw-Hill.

Visit his site at learn to sail online at www.skippertips.com. Sign up for a free sailing newsletter and join the site for sailing articles, reports, and sailing videos, guaranteed to boost your sailing skipper skills!

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  • How to Fold Your Sailboat Sails for Longer Life

    How to Fold Your Sailboat Sails for Longer Life

    6 years ago

    Fold a Dacron mainsail like an accordion. Roll it from the tack to the clew. Slide it into the sail bag with the clew nearest the top of the bag. Did you know that you can increase the life of your cruising sails or...