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The season has changed; the Holy Spirit is still reformating the Church Culture, by gracefully establishing the Household of His Sons in the Kingdom of God, the Father. The intent of the Father was to always bring the culture of the heavenly Kingdom to the earth. He did this by creating a Son that would put on display His image and likeness to the rest of world, because the nature of the King is the culture of His Kingdom, He would establish His Household, His Family. The Gospel of the Kingdom then is to declare to the Church in the World that Jesus Christ came to show you the Culture of the Kingdom and the Father, because what Adam lost in the garden was his Father and he became an orphan in his spirit. This truth is not being declared by the Insitutional Church because that Church is not the Kingdom. This hub and the link below is the ongoing unfolding revelation of the Holy Spirit regarding this season.".

Leon Elijah is an apostolic spiritual father over The Household of Elijah which is the spiritual family mandated to put on display the Culture of Ruling Sons of God and to continue in the Spirit of Elijah, which is to turn the hearts of the Fathers back to the sons and hearts of the sons back to their Father. The restoration of the Holy Nation is the end result and has found its expression in the basic relationship of Fathers & Sons in a Spiritual Household. Sons are begotten into this Household by the divine fitting of the Holy Spirit, for God the Father sets the lonely into famlies for accountability, continuity and Governmental order. This is Kingdom culture. The spiritual DNA of this Household is; 


We gather together with the rest of the Body of Christ, under Apostolic Doctrine, Breaking of Bread, Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and Prayers.  We have a spiritual family that extends as far as USA, Austrialia, Botswana, Kenya and nationally in South Africa. Follow the links to our websites; www.soleyn.com

Leon and Grace Jennifer Elijah are sons of God, whose spiritual father is Sam Soleyn and they are committed to building the Kingdom of their Heavenly Father, by serving the Body of Christ with Governmental Graces and are pioneers in building according to the Culture of the Kingdom in SA for the last 10 years.  They have four children Keilah Reed, Coral Jubilee, Reign Zion & Cassidy Ashnah and reside in Durban, South Africa. The ultimate goal & intention of the father of this Household is to labour with his sons until Christ is formed in them to maturity so that they will raise their own Households that will form into Clans that will become the Elijah Tribe, which will be just one of the innumberable Tribal Families that will be assembled into the Holy Nation in the ages to come.

"This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear Him. The Corporate Son is in the earth and all of creation is groaning for the maturation & the manifestation of the sons of God".  Leon Elijah

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