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I am a student to start with. A native of Masbate, Philippines but currently studying in Calamba. I don't know anything about the world but I have thoughts of what is its real form. I know what others think about the world and what they don't know. I am not good in language, I love numbers, symbols, histories, ancient arts and religion. Those topics are just broad that makes me realize how little I am if I don't know anything about them.

We might have same interests so keep on reading my Hubs!

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  • Hey, Jon

    Hey, Jon

    3 months ago

    This is a poem to a dear friend. Let me be heard even just in words. Let me be... please.

  • Inner Feud

    Inner Feud

    3 months ago

    Living in hell. In the mind of a very young child, this might be happening.