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Lisa Beaman has a way words. A teacher at heart, Lisa utilizes her knowledge of the written word to instruct, inform and sometimes entertain. As a working mother with a background in creative arts and a current position in leadership development, Lisa Beaman enjoys writing on a variety of subjects. Some of her favorite topics include:

Professional Skills/Leadership – How do you make an impact in the workplace? Professionalism and leadership skills will give you the edge you need in your career. Learning skills such as time and energy management, self-awareness, and servant leadership will go a long way in maximizing your influence at work.

Maintaining Balance – Lisa is passionate about balanced living. It’s so easy to become overloaded and overwhelmed by the choices we have in our lives today. From cell phone addiction to crowded schedules, Lisa attempts to tackle these everyday problems and put them in perspective.

Parenting & Family - As a wife and mother, Lisa Beaman has been through the ups and downs in parenting and family issues. These hubs cover topics that are helpful to arents with young children as well as tweens and teenagers. From issues such as noisy and disobedient children, cell phone usage and technology, organizing housework, saving time and money, and to common mistakes made in marraiges, Lisa's parenting and family hubs will have something for you.

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      • Hub Hopper repeats

        Hub Hopper repeats

        6 years ago

        Has anyone noticed repeat hubs in the hub hopper? Hubs that I read last week are there again saying they've been published only a few hours ago. Is there a glitch? I could see it if there was only one hub that perhaps...

      • HubPage Tips

        HubPage Tips

        6 years ago

        I just noticed this week that a little "tip" box appears sometimes on the right side of the screen when I'm editing a hub. The tips I've seen so far have been about tracking traffic or gaining more traffic....

      • 100 - Score!

        100 - Score!

        6 years ago

        Seeing my score at 100 this morning has started my day off on the right foot! I know it really doesn't matter... and I know it won't last... but it does make me feel like I've finally arrived. Thanks HP for giving me a...

      • Backlinking old hubs

        Backlinking old hubs

        6 years ago

        I usually spend a little time getting some backlinks out there when I first publish a hub. I was just thinking about doing that some of my older ones.  Does anyone take the time to upload/submit links to older hubs...

      • Which hubs are making money?

        Which hubs are making money?

        6 years ago

        So my hubs are starting to bring in a bit of change. I still have a long way to go until that first $100 payout. I'm being patient, but I'd like to figure out which ones are successful and which ones aren't. That would...

      • Bounce Rate

        Bounce Rate

        7 years ago

        I'm sure I've read somewhere what the bounce rate is, but I can't find it. Can someone help me out... I have no idea if the % I have is good or bad. Thanks!

      • Writing a Writers Resume

        Writing a Writers Resume

        6 years ago

        I decided to apply to Demand Studios to see how that would work out... but I need a resume that details my experience relevant to the roles for which I am applying. Since I've never held any writing positions, I don't...

      • Should I worry when my Hub Score dips below 70?

        Should I worry when my Hub Score dips below 70?

        7 years ago

        Three of my hubs are in the 60's. The lowest one I just posted for fun, kind of a creative writing exercise. Should I do anything to fix it? I'd appreciate any type of...

      • Why do most Hubbers write under different usernames?

        Why do most Hubbers write under different usernames?

        7 years ago

        It didn't even occur to me to use a different name when signing up with HubPages. But once I was in and looked around, I realized that that was the norm. I'm just wondering why that is...

      • Typos


        7 years ago

        I'm just curious. I've noticed quite a few typos or misspelled words in some of the hubs I've read. Does anyone ever offer critiques or suggest editing tips?