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Easy science and technology ideas that allow you to create actually useful things.

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  • Regenerative Receiver Design Blocks

    Regenerative Receiver Design Blocks

    3 years ago

    A collection of design blocks for creating a regenerative receiver to your own specification.

  • Q Multiplers

    Q Multiplers

    4 years ago

    Q Multiplier circuits and applications.

  • An Amplitude Stabilized Oscillator Circuit

    An Amplitude Stabilized Oscillator Circuit

    4 years ago

    Often when you are designing a radio receiver or transmitter circuit an oscillator with constant output would enable uniform circuit behavior over a wide frequency range. Unfortunately most schemes to stabilize the...

  • JFET Regenerative Radio Receiver

    JFET Regenerative Radio Receiver

    4 years ago

    The careful use of JFET devices in regenerative radio design can bring many benefits. JFET’s have much lower noise than BJT transistors and their high input impedance allows them to be directly connected to a...

  • Automatic Volume Control Circuit

    Automatic Volume Control Circuit

    4 years ago

    Transform the usability of communications equipment with this automatic volume control. Never again will you have to max the volume just to hear something and then get blasted out of your seat by a sudden loud noise....

  • Make a ‘So Easy’ PCB

    Make a ‘So Easy’ PCB

    4 years ago

    Designing and making a printed circuit board for a hobby electronics project need not be difficult. By following some simple procedures here can make a great PCB in 2 hours or less. Once you have learned what to do, you...

  • AM Detectors

    AM Detectors

    4 years ago

    AM Detection is a basic requirement for radio reception and well as many other applications such as field strength and SWR meters. It is about the simplest thing you could want to do in terms of signal processing but...