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Living an abundant lifestyle with a HUE! (S)he who is endowed with great courage, strength and beauty. Live (S)hero was created to celebrate, encourage and share the many capacities of a woman through offerings of themed insightful commentary on self, money, wellnesslifestyle & more.

A Hero, by definition, is more than a classic figure in Roman and Greek mythology. Possessing great skill and prowess, the mythological hero unanimously triumphs.  Attach ‘super’ to the word and he becomes a benevolent fictional character with super human powers. This superhero is permanently charged with savings the world from evil and protecting the innocent.


When you attach (S) to the word, ‘he’ transforms into

‘(S)he’- a force of innate courage, natural ability, strength, savvy and beauty. She is donning sneakersor stilettos,a fabulous handbag with a saunter of freedom, confidence and purpose.   


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