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Liz Clarke

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Can you actually put who you are into words?

You can agree and disagree

Hi, I am Liz and this is only me.

I am who I say,

Sometimes that's okay

I love music, animals and food

I would be in a relationship, if I only could.

Commitment issues, check

No, I'm not a total wreck.

I am an aquired taste

so without time to waste,

Please enjoy the read,

where all emotions are freed.

Then maybe you will see,


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  • Unknown 2

    Unknown 2

    6 months ago

    This is wrong But it feels so right It can’t be I have to fight Fight this feeling in me, That I get when I see you What am I feeling? Can this be true When I dream It’s you every time I...

  • Unknown 1

    Unknown 1

    6 months ago

    What is my purpose Lord, Why am I here? I’m feeling all wrong And I’m afraid it’s fear. I don’t know what, What I’m supposed to do, Please help me Lord I’m lost without you. What...

  • Only when I grow up

    Only when I grow up

    6 months ago

    Forget what everyone else have told you, its all a lie. Now its time for the truth about life

  • Only when the sun comes up

    Only when the sun comes up

    7 months ago

    Not really regarding Green health (I'm not even sure what that is) This is just me trying to, day by day, better myself by falling inlove with who I am.

  • Only when it rains

    Only when it rains

    7 months ago

    3 Girls, One Heart. Yes I know where your mind is going. But this is just a plain tragic love story. Involving, 2 best friends, a cat, food oh and lesbians. Cool.