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I am very pleased to join the Hub Pages community today. I would like to share my experience and my knowledge in Asian cooking especially in Malay dishes that I have learned from an incredible personal chef, my mother. I aspired to pen and preserve all her wonderful recipes.

Apart from cooking, I have always been a traveler. Once a year I will go back to my home country Malaysia, and the food is always my number one to go. I like to explore new cuisine that has been viral on the social media while I was not there. You ought to try the new talk of the town especially when it was about food.

While I'm not living in Malaysia, my Malay culture background has thought me a lot of different ways of preparing and cooking your favorite food. Sometimes, I can't get what I need (the ingredients) for cooking, but I like to try a few things and just be more creative. Hopefully, I can share the tastiness and delicacy of Malay food to all over the world.

Do check out the page for your own experience of cooking Malay cuisine and many others.

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  • How to cook nasi lemak

    How to cook nasi lemak

    45 hours ago

    Nasi lemak is one of my favorite breakfast food in Malaysia. Traditionally served with spicy sambal ikan bilis, fried chicken, fresh cucumber sliced, hard-boiled eggs or fried eggs. It is delicious!

  • How to Make Chocolate Cake in a Mug

    How to Make Chocolate Cake in a Mug

    3 days ago

    One of my favorite things to make is a chocolate cake in a mug. I have made this many times when I was craving chocolate. It was very easy to make; you'll have it in your mouth under 2 minutes!

  • How to Make Fried Bananas

    How to Make Fried Bananas

    3 days ago

    In Malaysia, fried bananas are a common street food snack. It is one of the easiest snacks to make, and you can have it anytime and in as many ways you like.

  • How to Make Sardine Rolls

    How to Make Sardine Rolls

    7 days ago

    Sardine rolls are quick and easy—plus, they make delicious starters or snacks.

  • Curry Vermicelli Noodles

    Curry Vermicelli Noodles

    12 days ago

    Sometimes when I'm hungry I want a comfort food that's fast and simple to make. Curry vermicelli noodles are at top of my list because it's simple and tasty.

  • Chicken Curry

    Chicken Curry

    2 weeks ago

    I love chicken curry. I know there are many variants of chicken curry that you can cook and everyone should have their favorite. This is my personal favorite. It's Malay chicken curry.