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Flip-flopping letters and words to make sense of something that was never really there--expressing the sesquipedalian burrows of my mind makes for an interesting passage of time, which you will find here.  To be clear, this is just a play, a game, a making fun as life reflects upon itself.  Do not take this seriously.  It is seriously semi-serious in nature.  What can be found through the ceaseless typing of one's thoughts onto a page? Let's find out...

Professionally, I work with low-income youth as a middle school English, Social Justice, and Mindfulness teacher in south San Jose, CA.  While I feel my purpose is to educate and inspire the next generation, my dream is to eventually make enough money as a writer to retire from the educational world and focus on inspiring through literature.  

I love meditation, philosophy, theology, psychology, reading, writing, inspiring teens, my wife, and God. 

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