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Life is so fragile but nobody really stops & thinks about that...ever wondered how someone could become homeless? Like, how did they just let everything go & not care anymore? I had a little glimpse into that possibility real recently, & I now have a great respect for life & the positive circumstances I have had most of my life. The support of family is so important~ the last 2 years I lost my whole family, & I also came to realize that family isn't necessarily blood; family is the people who love you and are there for you. Just as adopted parents are a person's real family, friends can be family just the same. I've learned a lot about people the last five years, and here's a rundown of what I've learned:

1) Chicks don't like other chicks who are pretty and/or have a killer body.

2) 99% of people are judgmental and don't give a damn about explanations for anything, they think what they want and changing their minds is near impossible umtil they experience--IF they experience it themselves.

3) People are generally negative, in my opinion

4) KIDS are where its at :-D I would much rather talk to my kids (or any kids for that matter)....Kids are the door to our future!

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