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It's been a rough ride. But there be a direction on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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      • Something for Anyone

        Something for Anyone

        7 years ago

        Especially with monday blues!I made this for a lot of reasons--even though it fits well into what I'm doing right now. Anyway, here's a message to all:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-gvR2EFDYUAlso, I want to thank...

      • HOW-TO Videos for Hubbers

        HOW-TO Videos for Hubbers

        7 years ago

        Hey guys, I've been making a few (almost good!) videos for YouTubers and Hubbers.Here's one demonstrating how to put a video capsule on a hub and embedding a YouTube video into it:<link snipped, no self-promoting...

      • Happy birthday Candie V!

        Happy birthday Candie V!

        7 years ago

        Enjoy the day! Can we come and play?

      • 2 Years to Phoenix V!

        2 Years to Phoenix V!

        7 years ago

        Phoenix V just celebrated two years with us on HubPages!Time for a cupcake, now that you've more than one set of teeth. ;DHah, fixed.

      • tonymac04 hits 1,000 Fans!

        tonymac04 hits 1,000 Fans!

        7 years ago

        Hey y'all, TonyMac04 has just hit 1,000 fans! GO HIM! Glad to be part of that tharr number. I'm off for now!

      • OH, HAPPY DAY!

        OH, HAPPY DAY!

        7 years ago

        I've got to get going now, for the day, for I've a business meeting to get ready for. That's a groovy thing to mention...anyone interested in all natural shirts, 45% hemp and 55% organic cotton? Another groovy thing is...

      • Is there a limit to kudos?

        Is there a limit to kudos?

        7 years ago

        Hey, so on my profile, overall...my Hubs have been rated funny, awesome, useful, etc., so many times.However, that count has stopped going up. Normally, I'd assume because of lack of readership or people not pressing...

      • Funny Captchas

        Funny Captchas

        7 years ago

        Hey guys, I get a lot of these. I don't take as many screen shots as I should, but just a few minutes ago when I shared something across my FB wall I had the most perfect captcha:At first I thought it was cool...and...

      • qwark's new Milestone!

        qwark's new Milestone!

        7 years ago

        Happy first year qwark! Keep up the awesome hubbing. Here's hoping for another great year, and to the death of man's greed.

      • I'm two weeks late!

        I'm two weeks late!

        7 years ago

        Hey, so...if you clicked here, you've just been semi-punked. What that means for you is that you can read the rest and not worry about Ashton Kutcher via Satellite.While not actually within my realm of reading, she has...

      • Just wondering...

        Just wondering...

        7 years ago

        Who would really win in a fight? Zombie Jesus or a Cyborg Moses?

      • Hoppy Birthday frogdropping!

        Hoppy Birthday frogdropping!

        7 years ago

        According to a certain social networking site, it's frogdropping's birthday today. Lets give a round of applause and a big happy birthday to HubPages most awesome amphibian!

      • Didja catch TIME's person of the year?

        Didja catch TIME's person of the year?

        7 years ago

        Turns out TIME decided to name Ben Bernanke person of the year.Hah! A Federal Reserve chairman being in a governmental position is a rather intriguing issue alone, though with Geithner in the White House as well it's...

      • Questions


        8 years ago

        I must be off for the time being, real life interrupts.However, I will state one thing:I, lxxy, am an Anarchist. Now, don't let that scare you, because anarchy is the absence of direct governmental control. Politics,...

      • Failblog!


        8 years ago

        Has anyone ever heard of "failblog.org"?Basically, it's a place where you put up random...weirdness..random.."fails," in life. Sometimes these fails are wins, but it's far and few between.Some are...

      • PRAISE HIM!

        PRAISE HIM!

        8 years ago

        So the other day I was busy meditating, trying to send high vibrations from my secret underground lair...and then, woosh! I got this rush of smiles, of laughing, of pure love.I am now off to the Vatican, because I have...

      • Psychic or Synchronicity?

        Psychic or Synchronicity?

        8 years ago

        Alright. Most of you have been there... you're doing something and you've a strong feeling a bad thing may happen. Then you stop doing whatever it is you may be doing, and then the particle accelerator gets swallowed up...

      • Connecting Outside of HP

        Connecting Outside of HP

        8 years ago

        Hey all,I've setup a v-mail system through a place called SayNow.com It allows people to call in and leave a message and hear yours. Its kinda like twitter, or even a forum, or an e-mail. Just using that thing we have...

      • A Message for 30 Day Hubbers, in Audio Form

        A Message for 30 Day Hubbers, in Audio Form

        8 years ago

        Hello all,How's it going? I'm setting up a voice mail system here soon...but I'm waiting for a direct number. However, what I have to say to you, especially to the 30 Day Hubbers, is more important and it cannot wait....

      • A Game open ONLY to 30 Day Hubbers

        A Game open ONLY to 30 Day Hubbers

        8 years ago

        I've a game for us to play.A secret. Something everyone will be able to see, but it will only make sense to us. I've a gateway for you, a tool to use at your disposal to help in writing your 30 Day Hubs. If you'd like...

      • Noob Saying Hello

        Noob Saying Hello

        8 years ago

        Hi all,G|M has requested that I sign up for an account here. He has tricked me into the 30 Day HubPage Challenge.I hope to be working hard on this soon.Sincerely,lxxy