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My name is MacAllister (AKA Mac or Callie) I am 32 years old, I am married and the mother of two kids. I work part time out of the home, I but spend most of my time at home doing the mom and wife thing, and I homeschool my kids. It is hard homeschooling while working but it has been great for us. Other than that, I enjoy reading, writing, making jewelry, hiking and camping. Aside from my 13 year old daughter and 10 year old son, I have two fur babies; a dog and a cat. My mother and her dog also live with us. Life can ge a little crazy and hectic around here sometimes, but I love it.

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  • My Colonoscopy

    My Colonoscopy

    14 months ago

    Colon Cancer is the Cancer No One Has to Get! Just Get Screened!

  • 13 Confessions of a Grocery Store Cashier

    13 Confessions of a Grocery Store Cashier

    20 months ago

    I know people have horror stories of dealing with rude, under-trained, flat out mean cashiers. I have a few of my own actually. But, working as a cashier has completely opened my eyes to the crap that they have to deal...

  • Top 10 episodes of Roseanne

    Top 10 episodes of Roseanne

    20 months ago

    Roseanne aired from 1987-1998. It was the story of an average working class family struggling with life's real problems. It pretty much defined a generation. *Warning. This article contains spoilers*