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Poetry is a zone for unheard voice screams of help,

Poetry is a sound that silent ones makes

Poetry is a descriptions for every sort of emotions and also for noises we hear using our ears

Poetry can be a noise

Poetry is a friend

Poetry can be everything

I write poetry to express what's burning deep inside

I write poetry to say and show what's hidden in tongue

I write poetry to be wrote them in history of my learnings

I write poetry for the people that's me

You are all who the people that's me

Well we are somehow alike

We differ, but still alike

We'll always experience the madness of the earthquake of the ground of the unfair road we walk through

We all do feel at times empty, hollowed and we feel the darkness, the madness of darkness

We all do count years to learn well and at times we seemed to think it's not well enough, and it wouldn't be well enough

We all do finding someone or something can enlighten us up


I'm a writer from the Philippines. 21 years old. My hobbies are writing, drawing, singing, dancing and I'm attached with music. I'm inlove with all types of music just as much as i understand the lyrics inside it.



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