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Hello readers, this is my bio. . My name is Susan and it is always interesting to know who is writing about what you are reading about. I am retired and get enjoyment out of sharing my experiences, my passions and my causes. I am a bit of an environmentalist, and believe in environmental causes. I also watch our economy and wonder how we will survive and how our ancestors survived similiar circumstances in the past. My husband and I are vegetarians, and I hope to share some of my own personal recipes. I hope I can provide interesting, informative reading for all those who view my pages.

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  • Limeade Coconut Carrots

    Limeade Coconut Carrots

    4 days ago

    This is my version of how to make carrots irresistible. The limeade is made with powdered sugar, and you marinate the cooked carrots in it. It is complimented by the coconut-raisin topping.

  • Hand-Pollinating Your Tomato Plants

    Hand-Pollinating Your Tomato Plants

    3 weeks ago

    Tomato flowers are self-pollinating, with a little help from mother nature. If that fails, you can give your tomato plants a helping hand.

  • Wonders of the Honey Bee

    Wonders of the Honey Bee

    5 weeks ago

    There are many things remarkable about this tiny insect, that is responsible for pollinating so much of our food. This little buzzing creature around since biblical days will never cease to amaze you.

  • Hand-Pollinating Your Cucumber Plants

    Hand-Pollinating Your Cucumber Plants

    5 weeks ago

    There has been much publicity about our important honey bee, and how they are badly needed to pollinate our crops. But if the bees have passed you by, here is another alternative for your cucumbers.

  • Searching for the Accused Meadow Brook Killer

    Searching for the Accused Meadow Brook Killer

    3 months ago

    This article is about how my husband and I and law enforcement having been looking for the accused Meadow Brook killer. It follows the tragedy of Murder at Meadow Brook Acres, where my died in 2015.

  • Sweet Potato Mango Casserole

    Sweet Potato Mango Casserole

    3 months ago

    This is my version of a sweet potato casserole. Combining the sweet potatoes with the fruit revitalizes this healthy, traditional dish.

  • Murder at Meadow Brook Acres

    Murder at Meadow Brook Acres

    3 months ago

    My beautiful son Richard was born in Delaware, graduated from college in Delaware, and one dreadful March evening he lost his life in a subdivision called Meadow Brook Acres in Magnolia Delaware.