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Hello readers, this is my bio. . My name is Susan and it is always interesting to know who is writing about what you are reading about. I am  retired and get enjoyment out of sharing my experiences, my passions and my causes.  I am a bit of an environmentalist, and believe in environmental causes. I also watch our economy and wonder how we will survive and how our ancestors survived similiar circumstances in the past.  My husband and I are vegetarians, and I hope to share some of my own personal recipes.  I hope I can provide interesting, informative reading for all those who view my pages.

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  • Sweet Potato Mango Casserole

    Sweet Potato Mango Casserole

    2 weeks ago

    This is my own original recipe, that is unique, in taste and appearance. It is also cholesterol free and very healthy. Cooking with different fruits, not only makes this dish original but healthy.

  • For the love of Banjo

    For the love of Banjo

    8 weeks ago

    Families are made up of Moms, Dads, children and in many cases the members that get us through the tough times. These we call "fur babies This fur baby guaranteed to make you smile, is called Banjo.

  • Crime and Murder in the Bush

    Crime and Murder in the Bush

    8 days ago

    The "Bush" is an area in Magnolia Delaware, that unfortunately crime and murder are all too common here in this area. My son was murdered in the Bush on 3/27/2015.

  • Murder at Meadow Brook Acres

    Murder at Meadow Brook Acres

    8 days ago

    This is a true life story, that has heart wrenching affected me personally. My beloved son was brutally murdered in a sub division in Meadow Brook Acres in Magnolia Delaware.

  • The Senior Years

    The Senior Years

    3 months ago

    This hub is about our senior generation which I am one of now. It is about the challenges of trying to retire in this generation, along with accepting this is our final journey of life.

  • Comfort is growing

    Comfort is growing

    3 months ago

    Comfort is growing up, and getting more beautiful with each passing day. Comfort was the right name for this magnificent pup, he gives comfort to all that see him. Bet he made you smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Surviving Cloudy Days

    Surviving Cloudy Days

    5 days ago

    This hub is about all of us, and the struggles that occur normally in life. It explains that the journey we all take each day, is a gift, and how we handle what occurs is what really counts.

  • Everyone Loves Comfort

    Everyone Loves Comfort

    6 weeks ago

    Everyone loves their pets. They become part of your family. You would no more part with them, then any other member of your family. They give you unconditional love, in the form of licks and comfort.

  • Quaint Boardwalk of Bethany

    Quaint Boardwalk of Bethany

    2 months ago

    One small quaint boardwalk, hidden it seems among the busy beach strip in Bethany Beach Delaware. It is small, and has no rides or games, but it has something special. It is quaint and unforgettable.

  • Saving Found Money

    Saving Found Money

    8 weeks ago

    Perhaps you could conduct your own experiment, to see how much change you find laying on the ground. Lost unknowingly by persons unknown. Read on to see the results of our experiment in just a week.

  • Saving your pennies

    Saving your pennies

    6 days ago

    This hub hopefully will show everyone despite their circumstances, that each and everyone of us can save something. Ben Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned". Start saving now!!!!!!

  • My Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

    My Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

    2 weeks ago

    This is my own recipe for minestrone soup. I made this recipe for my husband who battles with high cholesterol. He loves the soup and his cholesterol count went down. So I got a double win.

  • Growing Older -our Story

    Growing Older -our Story

    3 weeks ago

    How growing older can be rewarding. What to expect when you grow older. The good parts of growing older, and also the challenges of growing older. How to see growing older as the best is yet to come

  • Where to Find Box Tops for Education

    Where to Find Box Tops for Education

    2 weeks ago

    Box Tops for education helps schools buy the supplies and educational tools they need to help educate our children. This page shows the manufacturers that have box tops on their products.

  • Help! Stop the Honey Bee Extinction

    Help! Stop the Honey Bee Extinction

    2 weeks ago

    Please help stop the honey bee extinction. The honey bee is paramount in the pollination of crops and responsible for many of the foods we eat that we take for granted. Please help protect them.