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Hi my name is Mandy, I started a Hub page to talk about products and reviews; fashion, health, food, pets, well being and much more. I enjoy sharing my opinion and most of all being helpful to others if possible.

I hope my hubs will be useful to others. Drop by a comment, ask question and/or leave me a message if there are any concerns.

- Mandy

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      • I have no Traffic

        I have no Traffic

        5 years ago

        Went off Hubs for a while and just came back to it today. I know I can't expect anything until I've built up my hubs but just want to know what's the top hub topics currently? Just out of curitosity maybe I can learn...

      • Hi, looking to make friends =D

        Hi, looking to make friends =D

        5 years ago

        Have not been on here for a while XD since last I wasn't too interactive but I've got some time to do what I want now and looking to make friends and talk about common interest and swap idea's and advice, as we all do...