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Joined 8 years ago from (Texas !) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...




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Welcome to my World of "Manly" Poetry in Poetry Art Form. Hope you come to enjoy this Art Form...as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


Manly Poetry Man's "Ever-Present" Poetic-"able" Declaration to you:


Poems: Get a bad rap...usually considered flowery, soft, artsy, etc. Maybe...some of that is true. But...put in the right context...Poems can get a point across with underlying stealth and quiet intelligence. Perhaps... even better than the average writings we see daily. This is Manly Poetry Man's Quest. To Boldly Go Where No Poetry Man Has Gone Before and...Boldy Write Some New Poems...!?! Sometimes Poems need to have their energy harnessed and then put on display. 

Being able to write down Rhymes has always been something I just did...like some folks scribble on paper. Poetry is a natural extension of that. As I mentioned in the above...I feel like most people have the notion that Poetry is all flowery, soft, artsy,etc. Hence...Mr. Manly Poetry Man has arrived to show the world that: "Words come at you Everyday; Poems are just a little more organized in what they have to say...and can be done in a Manly Way" ! 

In humblest regards then...May I present to you... "Manly Poetry".


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  • A Poem for Alan; Thoughts of Alan

    A Poem for Alan; Thoughts of Alan

    8 months ago

    Sept. 2, 2016...The headline read: One Year anniversary of when Alan Kurdi's little three year old body washed up dead on a Turkish beach after trying to flee a War torn land, in an overcrowded boat.

  • "You Meet 'Em Wherever You Go!" (A Poem for my Adventure in "Up With People")

    "You Meet 'Em Wherever You Go!" (A Poem for my Adventure in "Up With People")

    19 months ago

    If I had to share the world with you...If I could find the right words to put into a song...if I had to go far away just to visit you...then I would only say three words to you: "Up With People!" Signed, Manly Poetry...

  • "Manly" Poetry To The World Poem

    "Manly" Poetry To The World Poem

    8 months ago

    From the inner thinkings of a man...hath come forth words in the "Manly" Poetry that I render... And from this day forward...Shall my Poems be re-affirmed "Manly"...Let no one try to hinder. Forged of...

  • "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" Poem

    "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" Poem

    4 years ago

    I survived another day in Paradise, My head hits the pillow, as I shut my eyes. The Nightly News still ringing in my ears, The tales of death,...destruction, and my worst fears.

  • Ode to Horse Manure (A Cowboy Poem)

    Ode to Horse Manure (A Cowboy Poem)

    3 years ago

    This was my very first attempt to write "Poetry" in a "Manly" fashion. It started with my approach to Cowboy poetry here in this poem. Being from Texas...and having spent many a summer working at a stable...as a...

  • "Battle of San Jacinto" Poem

    "Battle of San Jacinto" Poem

    6 months ago

    Have you heard the story of the brave men at the famous “Siege of the Alamo”, And, have you ever read the account of those that fought at the "Battle of San Jacinto"? This Poem tells of a fictional accounting from a...