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Marcy Goodfleisch is a university instructor and a management and communication consultant with private firms and clients in Texas and other states. She is the 2015 recipient of the Park University Provost's Award for Teaching Excellence, for which she was nominated by university faculty and staff. For information about her consulting services, send a private message through the "Fan Mail" link on her profile.

A professional writer for more than a decade, she has written for newspapers, magazines, books and online publications. As a management consultant, she has developed strategic plans and communication strategies for high-profile clients and organizations across the United States. Her work includes editorial board tours, news conferences and crisis communications. She has successfully placed hundreds of stories in major electronic and print news outlets across the United States and in international markets.

Professional Background:

Corporate and public-sector consulting in Management, Legislative and Media Relations at the local, state and national level. Her public relations and communication strategies have won several honors and awards.

Publishing Credits and Writing:

Marcy writes about, careers, employment tips, the environment, health, relationships and a variety of other subjects.  Her publishing credits include the Austin American-Statesman, New Era Magazine, AW Magazine (formerly Austin Woman Magazine), Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2, the Texas Observer, Reader's Digest and many others.

She has published more than 600 articles in newspapers and magazines, and her work has also appeared in online outlets.

Education and University Teaching:

Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies, Graduate Certificate in Creative and Life Writing. Doctoral studies in English and Higher Education, and additional graduate studies in Communication and Leadership. Trained mediator in civil and family dispute resolution. Currently serves as an adjunct professor at Park University.

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      • Suggestion - can we automate the copyright feature?

        Suggestion - can we automate the copyright feature?

        3 months ago

        Hi, HP Team! I don't know if this has been suggested before or not, but can our fantastic IT team develop a way to automate the HP copyright language you've created for us? I have more than 100 pieces published here,...

      • Bio Tool - So Easy!

        Bio Tool - So Easy!

        3 months ago

        I'm probably one of the last ones here to use the bio tool, because I assumed it would take a lot of time to implement. Not so! The tool is nicely developed (thank you, HP Team!) and even the part I dreaded most...

      • Can You Help? Easy to Do!

        Can You Help? Easy to Do!

        19 months ago

        The (special) nine-year-old son of some dear friends is in the running to win a GoPro camera. I'd love to help this special child win - he's beside himself with excitement, and it would mean the world to him. The...

      • Sending Thoughts to Hubbers in India and Chili

        Sending Thoughts to Hubbers in India and Chili

        23 months ago

        Please send some good thoughts and prayers for those affected by these two natural disasters.Many of our great Hubber friends are in India, which has been affected by a powerful earthquake that hit nearby Katmandu a bit...

      • Question on Editor's Choice and URLs

        Question on Editor's Choice and URLs

        2 years ago

        I think Editor's Choice hubs change our URLs in some manner.  When the program was first started, I was required to be in it, due to being in the Apprenticeship Program.  So - my question is - had the original...

      • Copyright Ownership vs Work for Hire - (HubPro Issue)

        Copyright Ownership vs Work for Hire - (HubPro Issue)

        2 years ago

        The sad thread about the HubPro edits is long, and this takes the discussion a different direction.Based on what happened to the hub in question on the other thread, there are questions about the contrast in copyright...

      • Question - Ad Program

        Question - Ad Program

        2 years ago

        Can anyone help answer this?  After comparing 2014 to 2013, I am experimenting by turning off the HP ad program for a while. This isn't a criticism of it; it's just a way for me to compare the two options after...

      • What Changes Would Improve This Site for 2015? Suggestions?

        What Changes Would Improve This Site for 2015? Suggestions?

        2 years ago

        Do you have ideas on ways HP could improve the site or its usability in the coming year?  No flaming, please; hoping to have some serious and helpful suggestions for staff to consider.Please share your ideas on:...

      • Hi, Friends!  Welcome to HubPages!

        Hi, Friends! Welcome to HubPages!

        2 years ago

        Just wanted to say "Hello" and welcome you to our site!  I've admired many of you who have joined us from Squidoo, and I hope you enjoy being part of HubPages. I've met a few of you on Facebook, and I...

      • Drivel Du Jour

        Drivel Du Jour

        3 years ago

        Post something self-centered and vacuous that you might see on FB. We need the fun here.  I'll start. Just tried a new sugar-free Mojito-flavored powdered  mix. It does have the mint and lime taste. Not sure...

      • Prayers for Angela Blair

        Prayers for Angela Blair

        3 years ago

        Friends, please keep our friend Angela Blair (fondly known as 'Sis' by those who love her) in your thoughts and prayers. Her beloved brother, legendary Texas songwriter Steve Feomholz, was accidently killed in a gun...

      • Petition to HubPages

        Petition to HubPages

        3 years ago

        Dear Staff:This request comes from a discussion on another thread.  It's being forwarded with the deepest respect and regard for those of you who have created and who maintain the site and the friendly working...

      • Google + and Gmail

        Google + and Gmail

        3 years ago

        Google is apparently extending its reach even further into our lives. They sent a notification today that when we compose emails in Gmail, they will 'suggest' possible recipients based on our G+ circles.  This, of...

      • Where's Mark Ewbie When You Need Him?

        Where's Mark Ewbie When You Need Him?

        3 years ago

        Mark - where are you? The great HOTD today is just begging for some stickman art!Y'all need to check out the terrific and excellent hub on Ferret Legging.  Excellent choice for HOTD.

      • Deleting and Marking Spam Comments

        Deleting and Marking Spam Comments

        3 years ago

        I just noticed that comments I delete from the 'comments' section on my accounts page are not being deleted from the actual hubs.  One of my hubs gets spammed a lot by people posting links and email addresses for...

      • Crazy Ads!

        Crazy Ads!

        3 years ago

        I think this has been mentioned before, but I am seeing it (again - or still) and I feel certain it can't help the site.  Some ads are bizarrely unrelated to hub titles and content.  I have a hub on Language...

      • 101 Reasons We Will Miss Simone

        101 Reasons We Will Miss Simone

        3 years ago

        Just wanted to start our own Thank You & We Will Miss You thread for Simone's last week.  Add a comment, and let's keep it going!  I'll start:#1 - We will miss your dedication to the writers.  It's...

      • RESOLVED: QUESTION - Links on Hubs

        RESOLVED: QUESTION - Links on Hubs

        3 years ago

        Question for Moderators & Administrators:Is the HP linking system set up so there's no inadvertent reciprocity between 'related hub' links on accounts?  In other words, if the site autofills 'related link' on a...

      • Question - incoming links (backlinks)

        Question - incoming links (backlinks)

        3 years ago

        I have a question about backlinks - does anyone know how Google would interpret multiple backlinks from separate pages on the same edu domain.  I have hubs that legitimately relate to courses I teach, and I post a...

      • Petition to HubPages Staff

        Petition to HubPages Staff

        3 years ago

        Dear Staff:First, this is intended to be a request made out of love for this site, and out of respect and regard for our fellow Hubbers.Please strongly consider removing the Hubber Score from our profiles.  If you...

      • Yahoo Buys Tumblr

        Yahoo Buys Tumblr

        3 years ago

        According to today's paper - Yahoo is paying $1.1 billion for Tumblr, in an effort to be more competitive with today's online markets. Maybe I haven't looked closely, but I find Tumblr unattractive to view. ...

      • Question - Dates & Traffic

        Question - Dates & Traffic

        3 years ago

        I'm not sure if this is the right forum category - but does anyone know how various dates on our hubs affect Google traffic?  I've noticed during several recent searches that some high-ranking results do not show...

      • YouTube - Pay Per View?

        YouTube - Pay Per View?

        3 years ago

        Just a heads-up:  Apparently, YouTube is thinking of making 'some' of its videos 'Pay Per View.'  No information yet on which types, but since many of us rely greatly on YouTube for those all-important videos...

      • Site Stealing Employment Hubs

        Site Stealing Employment Hubs

        3 years ago

        If you write about employment, job interviewing and other career topics, please check your hubs for stolen content.  A site in Ghana (job house ghana dot com) is stealing content.I filed a DMCA, but since Google...

      • Group Plot Challenge

        Group Plot Challenge

        4 years ago

        Prompted by a story in today's paper. A woman disappeared the other night while riding her bike at a local park, and was found late the next afternoon at a filling station. Fortunately, she and the pet python she...

      • Odd Ads on Hubs - ???

        Odd Ads on Hubs - ???

        4 years ago

        Is anyone else noticing really odd AdSense ads on some hubs?  I have a few hubs about HIV, and one has an ad with a mug shot of someone who's been arrested.  It's an ad for getting their records cleared up, or...

      • "Dumb Question" Thread

        "Dumb Question" Thread

        4 years ago

        Starting this thread in the hopes that some of us who are still learning can post questions and get some answers from our more experienced colleagues here.  I'll start:On Quantcast, there's a breakdown of the...

      • More Stolen Hubs

        More Stolen Hubs

        4 years ago

        If you are seeing a drop in traffic, start checking for more stolen content.  After seeing a nice surge in traffic following the latest Panda thing, I suddenly tanked.  Stats were not updated quickly, so it...

      • April Contest Postponed!

        April Contest Postponed!

        4 years ago

        Simone just posted a great and informative sticky thread in the blue fields at the top, but I was afraid people may not notice 'the fine print' in it.  The April contest for producing 'stellar' hubs is postponed,...

      • Suggestion to HP - Stolen Content

        Suggestion to HP - Stolen Content

        4 years ago

        Hi, Team - We know you can't file DMCA complaints on behalf of our work, but would it be possible to alert Hubbers when major scrapers are found in various categories, so we can all individually check for our...

      • More Stolen Content

        More Stolen Content

        4 years ago

        I found someone else who is copying content - it looks like they have several 'well-written' blog.  Check your hubs to see if anything here has been stolen:ht tp:// marginaled.blogspot.com/ht tp://...

      • QAP Backlogged?

        QAP Backlogged?

        4 years ago

        I know it's a Saturday, but can any Admins chime in as to whether there's more of a delay in getting things through the QAP?  I have two hubs that should have been approved by now, and the arrows are still...

      • Number of Ads on Hubs?

        Number of Ads on Hubs?

        4 years ago

        Does anyone know the maximum number of ads that are supposed to be on our hubs?  I just did a specific search for one of my hubs, and I clicked on the resulting link (I've been wondering if it was unindexed - it...

      • More Copying - Job & Employment Hubs

        More Copying - Job & Employment Hubs

        4 years ago

        Heads-up to anyone with hubs on jobs, interviewing, employment, etc.  I found my hub on interviewing copied (word for word) on a site from Ghana.  The site is filled with articles on getting a job, so if you...

      • Chicken Fat Song - Cure for Slackers

        Chicken Fat Song - Cure for Slackers

        4 years ago

        Just for you, ParadigmSearch.Did anyone else get subjected to this torture as a kid?  I actually got in trouble for going on strike during one lengthy and excruciating series of having it played. The 'girl'...

      • Dropping Traffic & Black Hatters

        Dropping Traffic & Black Hatters

        4 years ago

        Just a heads-up - Several of us have found our hubs being copied by thieves and used for what appears to be Black Hat back-link schemes.  It also appears they are using our 'best' hubs - the ones that have the most...

      • Spamming by Sharing

        Spamming by Sharing

        4 years ago

        Has anyone else been overloaded either here or on one of the FB groups by Hubbers who endlessly 'share' their own work?  After seeing the umpteenth 'share' on Facebook by the same writer, I finally blocked the...

      • Formatting Bibliographies & Citatiions in eBooks?

        Formatting Bibliographies & Citatiions in eBooks?

        4 years ago

        I need to turn to the techie & online publishing experts for help on this - does anyone know of a good way (resource, whatever) to either learn or perform the in-text citations that link to bibliographies when you...

      • Traffic Whims Lately?

        Traffic Whims Lately?

        4 years ago

        I know, this is the umpteenth thread on traffic - just wanted to check if others saw any odd patterns the past few days?  My numbers climbed a bit, and were holding steady at a good number, and literally overnight...

      • Hopper issues in iOS

        Hopper issues in iOS

        4 years ago

        Only hours after hopping a few hubs, I notice the Classic hopper says nothing available (or whatever it says when you hop whatever is there).  Please, please - don't take the Classic version away!  We meet new...

      • Unpublished Hubs Appearing With Live Links!

        Unpublished Hubs Appearing With Live Links!

        4 years ago

        I just discovered at least one of my unpublished hubs appeared at the bottom of one of my published hubs, in the area where the site loads hubs we have written on similar topics.  I reported this to admin but...

      • FIXED: New background too dark on profiles!

        FIXED: New background too dark on profiles!

        4 years ago

        FYI - there appears to be a new background color on profiles - almost charcoal gray on my screen.  Anyway, it's so dark that the text and listings of our hubs are difficult to read. Also makes the blue highlighted...

      • Google Knowledge Graph

        Google Knowledge Graph

        4 years ago

        CNN just moved a story that Google announced yet another 'improvement' to searches.  Knowledge Graph is supposed to think like a human and give you choices if you type in a word that can have several references.

      • Amazon in Texas

        Amazon in Texas

        4 years ago

        It looks like Amazon has reached an agreement with Texas on the tax question.  They cut a deal to add 2,500 jobs and invest about $200 million in the state over the next four years and start collecting sales tax on...

      • A way to know when our followers post new threads???

        A way to know when our followers post new threads???

        5 years ago

        Pretty please? I would love a way to get alerts when our followers post new threads. We owe our followers so much, and I'm sure, for logistics reasons, we are not all following each follower. We get notices when someone...

      • Multiple accounts here?

        Multiple accounts here?

        5 years ago

        Do any of you have multiple accounts on HubPages?  If so, are you willing to share tips on how that best works, and whether it's been beneficial?  Or the reasons you created more than one account? Thanks!

      • What do 'experienced Hubbers' want from newcomers?

        What do 'experienced Hubbers' want from newcomers?

        5 years ago

        I often see posts from longtime Hubbers that express frustration with new Hubbers. Aside from reading the FAQs and other learning tools, what would be your ideal new Hubber?  What do you expect from us? ...

      • Austin Texas - any Hubbers?

        Austin Texas - any Hubbers?

        5 years ago

        I'd live to meet other Hubbers in my area. Let me know if you live in Central Texas - maybe we can plan a meet-up.

      • New Google trick - aggregating data

        New Google trick - aggregating data

        5 years ago

        Google just announced they're going to aggregate and store private information (beyond what they do now) starting March 1st.  No opt out policy.  There aren't too many details yet

      • 30 in 30; I'm in!

        30 in 30; I'm in!

        5 years ago

        Okay - I'm taking the challenge. I joined Friday (Jan. 13th - should have been a clue), then had to create amother profile today to avoid a conflicting dotcom domain name.  So far, four Hubs - but I need to copy...