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I am a graphic designer, social media manager and content creator, and organic health freak. I love technology, art, and information. 

I love documentaries, WordPress, Creative Suite and design publications and websites. I also love Mashable, Smashing Mag, and all things geek icluding the Big Bang Theory.

I am highly opinionated, a font snob, a know-it-all (who still loves to learn!), and quite sarcastic. I love snarky, witty humor, intelligent conversation, great coffee, and sunshine.

I am very clueless about the following: pop culture, which actor or actress is wearing what brand, who was in such-and-such movie, what song is in the top 40, current politics, most things hype. 

Though I do live in the south (y'all) I spent 8 years in California during the tech boom (and LOVED it) and I also grew up in Wyoming, have lived in Texas and was born in Germany. (Basically, I'm well-rounded). I also like puns. lol

I believe that our economic landscape is becoming one of open-source, where we help eachother with what we know, where we're excited to see another person's business succeed - where we see fellow entreprenuers not as our competition, but as our ally.

I'm not sure one hub can change the world... but I am sure that the world will change :)  

It's 2012, and we are so much more than our day jobs! Multi-task on, my friends!

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