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Life sometimes gets in the way, but don't forget how to smell the flowers.

My attention to something new is very focused, like when I first started publishing hubs. However, when forced to switch my focus, such as starting a new job (last May) and commuting each way to just over an hour (verses 10 minutes) and turning my focus to income sources, I lost track of certain things. In this case my focus on publishing hubs was derailed big time! Now that the honeymoon is over, I am hoping to point myself back to a focus on interests like publishing hubs. The bonus of a trickle of income each month from hubbing even when I was almost totally absent should have triggered a return interest, but like I said before, lack of focus prevailed. Hopefully I can force myself to remember how to smell the flowers once again.

Those who know me well would say I have a very wry sense of humor and a boisterous attitude. I can even be acerbic. My personal motto is I would not pick on you if I did not love you.

Please enjoy my hubs and I look forward to publishing many more in the future.

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