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With help from my family I create products in my small shop in rural Georgia. I enjoy writing hubs about my hobbies and my family.

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  • Thrift Store Adventures

    Thrift Store Adventures

    5 days ago

    Any trip to the local thrift store can quickly turn into an adventure. Check out some tips on getting the most out of your next thrift store visit.

  • Setting Up A Swarm Trap for Honey Bees

    Setting Up A Swarm Trap for Honey Bees

    18 months ago

    Ready to catch your first swarm of honey bees? Just follow these step by step instructions and you will be well on your way to capturing a colony of free honey bees.

  • Choosing a Location for a Honey Bee Hive

    Choosing a Location for a Honey Bee Hive

    5 days ago

    Great tips for choosing a location for your beehive. Useful information for new beekeepers and old hands alike. A well placed beehive will perform better, and your honey bee friends will be happier.

  • Weiss Lake, Alabama, Photo Gallery

    Weiss Lake, Alabama, Photo Gallery

    24 hours ago

    Beautiful photographs taken at Weiss Lake, Alabama. These wonderful lake pictures will make you feel like you are lakeside in your favorite chair.

  • Catfish Gallery

    Catfish Gallery

    5 days ago

    Photo gallery of some great catfish caught and released at Weiss Lake, Alabama. All these catfish were caught while jug fishing, using fresh cut shad as bait. All the catfish are released.

  • Honey Bees at Work

    Honey Bees at Work

    5 days ago

    Honey bees working hard to make raw honey captured in photos by an amateur beekeeper.

  • Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, Cheap Home Remedy

    Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, Cheap Home Remedy

    18 months ago

    There are name brand poison ivy scrubs out there that work very well, but they are pricey. This is my cheap home remedy that only requires two ingredients that you probably already have at home.

  • 10 Things You Must Have on Your Boat

    10 Things You Must Have on Your Boat

    5 days ago

    There are a few items you must have on your boat to keep it legal. Unfortunately, the law doesn't cover everything. Here are the top 10 things you need to have on board next time you leave the dock.

  • Jug Fishing 101

    Jug Fishing 101

    18 months ago

    Often referred to as the lazy man's way to fish, jug fishing is far from easy. If your fishing goals for this season include stocking up the freezer, then you should seriously consider jug fishing.

  • Wood Pallet Project Tips

    Wood Pallet Project Tips

    5 days ago

    Wood pallet decor is red hot right now. Here are some tips to make your wood pallet projects come together better.

  • First Year Beekeeper

    First Year Beekeeper

    18 months ago

    Follow me, a first year beekeeper, through all four seasons of my first year. I am starting with two nucleus hives and attempting to use only chemical free beekeeping methods.

  • Trout Fishing in North Georgia

    Trout Fishing in North Georgia

    5 weeks ago

    Through trial and error I have located a handful of 'hot spots' for catching trout in the North Georgia Mountains. I have included map locations and fishing tips exclusive to each location.

  • Where to Find Old Barn Wood and Reclaimed Wood

    Where to Find Old Barn Wood and Reclaimed Wood

    5 days ago

    Reclaimed wood furniture is red hot in home decor right now. Free wooden pallets can be transformed into reclaimed wood shelves. A pile of old barn wood could become a reclaimed wood dining table!

  • Chickens in the Yard

    Chickens in the Yard

    5 days ago

    Keeping chickens in your yard has pros and cons just like any hobby. So how can you know if raising chickens is for you? Take a look at some of the good, and bad facts about small flock management.

  • Free Honey Bees

    Free Honey Bees

    5 days ago

    I am a new beekeeper and the thought of being able to catch free swarms of honey bees is very tempting. Join me as I attempt to lure a swarm into my homemade honey bee trap!

  • Growing Hollyhocks in Atlanta

    Growing Hollyhocks in Atlanta

    31 hours ago

    Hollyhocks feel right at home in Atlanta, Georgia. Enjoy some basic information on these wonderful flowers and decide if hollyhocks would be a welcome addition to your garden.

  • Secrets to Catching Huge Catfish

    Secrets to Catching Huge Catfish

    5 days ago

    If you want to catch huge catfish, read this! This article has tons of great tips and the big catfish photos to back them up!

  • The Perfect Pond Fish

    The Perfect Pond Fish

    5 days ago

    Liven up your pond with a hardy fish that is cheap and easy to obtain.

  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats-General Care

    Nigerian Dwarf Goats-General Care

    18 months ago

    Nigerian Dwarf Goat general care and housing