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Alison Wood is a writer in several areas that are close to her heart, including crafts and running a craft business, pets and animal welfare, and themes related to mind, body and spirit. She feels that we all have a diverse range of interests in our daily lives and that we should explore all aspects of these. Alison's professional life started out in teaching and then moved into Human Resources. However, in the last couple of years she has taken her online career full-time, running a number of successful websites, where all aspects of her writing can be explored.

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  • How To Look After Terrapins & Turtles

    How To Look After Terrapins & Turtles

    5 years ago

    There is a lot to consider when you want to keep a turtle or terrapin as a pet. Some people assume, wrongly as it turns out, that having a pet turtle is an easy task and does not require a lot of time or work. While it...