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Im going to tell you a story , a story about my past . A story about what its like to be a homeless youth in edmonton and how it happened . Ill start from the beginning and everday write more. All events will be based on true facts and All names will be changed to protect peoples identities and feelings . Even though anybody in this story will know exactly who they are. Time for me to be honest . And tell you everything exactly how I ME MYSELF remember everything . Its time for me to tell you the truth . Not meant for children under 18 years of age . Yes i know i was under 18 . But no this will not be appropiate for a child . Heres my story starting from the beginning . Stay dedicated and your in for some interesting details . Heres the story of a judged underestimated homeless youth . Or as most people say. Trash. 

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  • What If I Never

    What If I Never

    22 months ago

    What if i never moved Would my heart not be broken ? What if i never met you Would my mind be more spoken What if you never said i love you Just because i said it first What if you never saw her Would i...

  • Death


    22 months ago

    A poem i wrote after the loss of a family member