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All About Me:

Age- 22

Height- 5' 5"

Hair Color- Depends on my mood.

Eye Color- Hazel

Family- I have a son and a fiance.

Hobbies- Reading manga, watching anime, drawing, writing, reading and spending time with my family.

Interests- Anime/Manga, psychology, mathematics, literature and sociology.

Favorite Foods- General Tso's, egg rolls, wontons, miso soup, sushi and potato soup.

Favorite Color- Burgundy

Favorite Shade- Charcoal

Favorite Number- 6

Notes- I am an Otaku. My life's obsessions are anime and manga. It has been my life's goal to create a manga to be created into an anime. I have a bucket list. I believe in science, not religion. I am a Democrat. I hate spiders. I am claustrophobic. I think cats are the cutest animals on the planet. Finally, I am a very random person that has many likes and dislikes.

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  • In My Eyes...Soul Eater

    In My Eyes...Soul Eater

    3 years ago

    Welcome to the DWMA! The Death Weapon Meister Academy; a school where the Meisters are trained to collect 99 Kinshin souls and one Witch soul to transform their Weapon into a Death Scythe.