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I recently became a stay at home mom after my position was elimimated due to restructuring at my last job. I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time during a high risk pregnancy as our older son was born 6 weeks premature. Because of that history, my husband and I decided it would be best if I stayed home instead of immediately looking for a new job. 

Our second son was born about a month ago and was 8 weeks early. He did very well and was able to come home after spending 17 days in the NICU. 

These 2 boys are my world. I decided I wanted to spend more time at home while they grew. We were advised not to become pregnant again so I felt I needed to be home. 

When the time comes I will return to work as a registered nurse, but for now my job is mommy.



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  • Budget Groceries

    Budget Groceries

    2 weeks ago

  • Peaceful Mom

    Peaceful Mom

    3 weeks ago

  • Staying Home

    Staying Home

    7 months ago

    Ever wonder what a stay-at-home mom does all day? I'll tell you what has turned into my daily routine over the last 3 months.

  • Mom Hack

    Mom Hack

    7 months ago

    Ever take your kids out and then realize you forgot something... something vital?! Oh no, what are we going to do? I've composed a bag of potential necessities to keep in the car for these times.

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    Rainy Day

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    What do you do with your kids as a stay at home parent on a rainy day?

  • How I Stay Happy

    How I Stay Happy

    9 months ago

    Finding joy in life is important. How do you find yours?

  • Managing Time

    Managing Time

    9 months ago

    Saturdays are my absolute favorite when we have nowhere where we "need" to be. This morning we are making a trip to the rural Walmart in our area. It's about a 30 minute drive so it still takes a little bit of...

  • Multitasking Momma

    Multitasking Momma

    10 months ago

    How am I going to do this? Staying at home with a baby is one thing. Staying home with a baby and a toddler? Yikes!!!!

  • Clean Banana Nursing Muffins

    Clean Banana Nursing Muffins

    11 months ago

    Losing weight after baby is really not an easy feat. It's difficult to eat healthy!!!! Especially with a little one!

  • Mommy Exercise

    Mommy Exercise

    9 months ago

    How do you balance motherhood, household chores and exercise? It's not easy. I for one, have taken a major hiatus in the past several months. Are you having trouble finding that balance???

  • Friends after baby

    Friends after baby

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    How friendships seem to evolve over time...

  • Cold Turkey Potty Training

    Cold Turkey Potty Training

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    An update on how we are doing with the cold turkey potty training method.

  • Grocery Budgeting

    Grocery Budgeting

    14 months ago

    How I manage to feed my family on a grocery budget of $50 per week.

  • Colic


    10 months ago

    When Evan was born eight weeks early we assumed we would have some medical issues right off the bat. He did surprisingly well and had limited health concerns. We were very excited to take him home. And then the crying...

  • Picky Toddler

    Picky Toddler

    16 months ago

    When Sam turned 1 we started feeding him solid, real, adult people food. He was really great, at first. He ate whatever we gave him. His diet was healthy. He was doing so great! Then little by little he has become...

  • Online Grocery Shopping

    Online Grocery Shopping

    9 months ago

    Our local Weis Markets has recently begun accepting online orders for groceries. I admit I was skeptical right out of the gate. I felt like I was not worthy of the convenience of online grocery shopping. Until a friend...

  • Parenting Criticized

    Parenting Criticized

    17 months ago

    The worst part of being a parent...is having your parenting skills criticized. Constantly.

  • Potty Training

    Potty Training

    8 months ago

    When deciding which method to use when potty training our two-year-old son, we wanted something quick and a method that would resonate with him. Cold turkey was the way to go for us!

  • Stay At Home Mom

    Stay At Home Mom

    17 months ago

    Staying at home is a sacrifice, but also a reward.

  • Preemie


    10 months ago

    When you have a premature baby, you begin to think about germs in an entirely new light....

  • Family


    10 months ago

    Going from a one-child home to now two children is definitely a much different experience. It's like juggling..

  • BOB Duallie

    BOB Duallie

    9 months ago

    As the due date for our second child approached, I began to wonder how we would continue to walk our dog as a family. This has been a daily family task which is not only cardiovascular exercise (especially with all of...

  • Sesame Place

    Sesame Place

    10 months ago

    We took the kids to Sesame Place and had the best day ever! A great place for families with young children, toddlers and even newborns!