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I live in the cold North Country on an old farm with hubby, 3 cats and 2 dogs. We enjoy our little farm we have so much wildlife around here.

We have children and we're lucky enough to have grandchildren.

I will be writing hubs about our wildlife, garden and whatever comes to my mind.

I have nothing to add as far as writing goes. I never wrote for a magazine or anything. You might not find my hubs as interesting as some on here, but I will try my best. I just don’t have anything professional to add to this. I will have trouble just getting 500 words on a hub. I can talk and I can leave long comments on other hubs. My own hubs my words seem to just disappear and I get brain freeze. Someone once insinuated that I can't write or spell. Which is very true I'm sure.

I started out on the computer years ago teaching myself how to use it and how to do my own web page. I had my own guestbook that I ran for years with a group of women that came on every day. Some of us got together and met each other. We had ornament exchanges. We had lots of fun on the guestbook then Facebook came along this kind of ended the guestbook. That’s why I headed over to HubPages to have something to do. The guestbook had stopped having visitors from anyone.

I am a military brat. Brats know that "ONCE A MILITARY BRAT ALWAYS A MILITARY BRAT." No matter how old I get I will always be a brat.

I have a military hub. I have lived in many different places.

I don't like putting my photo on my profile but somewhere in one of my hubs is the updated photo of myself. I really don't even like having my picture taken.

I hope you will enjoy my hubs.

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